Spend So Much Time At The Beach You're Thinking Of Buying A Vacation Home? A Few Mistakes To Avoid

There is no doubt that the beach is a great place to take the family on vacations. Even if you do not like to get in the water, the temperature and atmosphere are relaxing and there is almost always a lot of events and activates nearby. However, before you make any final decision on buying a place, keep the following in mind so you do not end up regretting it.

Know What You Can Afford

It only seems to make sense that you look at your financials to determine how much you can afford for your vacation home. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make. While they know how much they can spend each month on the mortgage, they also think they can rent the place out during the times they will not be using it to offset the cost. While this may be true, and you may end up not having to pay anything out of your own pocket, it can also backfire on you. Make sure that the place you buy is something you can pay for each and every month of the year, regardless of renting it out. Then, If you do have some rental income, it can go towards extra fun on your own vacation.


Just because a neighborhood looks great does not mean that the people who will be staying around you are going to behave the way you expect good neighbors to behave. If everyone around you is also renting out their properties, you could end up with a wide variety of people right next door. This may not only make your vacation less pleasant, but may have potential renters running away. Talk with the owners to find out how they use the place and what restrictions they have on any renters.

Which Direction the House Faces

Beach properties have different weather issues than inland homes. Make sure you know what direction the house faces so you can be sure to have it properly protected from winds, rains, and other storm damage. You will need to do some investigating to find out which way most storms will be hitting the house. It is important that the walls that have the fewest windows face the direction that will have the most impact.

Keep in mind that any vacation home is likely to be left empty for a good portion of the year. Consider having someone who lives in town year-round check, clean, and repair the place when you can't. You want to be able to go on vacation and not have to worry about spending it taking care of the place. You could do that at home. To learn more, contact a real estate firm like Carroll Realty, Inc.

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