3 Reasons To Purchase A New Modular Home For Sale

When it comes to purchasing a home, you have a few different options. You can choose to build a new home for sale or buy an older one. In terms of new homes, you can choose between a modular home or a stick built home. There are a lot of great reasons why a modular home is a great option for you. This article will discuss three reasons why:

Less Time To Build

Modular homes are a great option if you don't want to spend a great deal of time waiting for your home to be built. This is possible because the home is mostly finished before it is ever brought to your property. The home is simply in two sections, and these two sections are transported to your home to be put on the foundation. At this point, the home simply needs to be sealed together, and the interior finish work needs to be done. A process that would take several months with a stick built home instead turns into one that only takes a couple of months.

You Get To Choose The Finishes

Even though most of the modular home is built before it is brought to your property, the finish work is left undone. This allows you to choose whatever finish work you would like, such as molding, baseboards, countertops, light fixtures, faucets, etc. You can also upgrade whatever you would like for an added cost. Since these finishes are what essentially polish off your home, it is important that they are customized to your style and that they make the home feel as if it is your own.

They Are Less Expensive

If you know that you want a home, but your budget is somewhat limited, then you should definitely consider a modular home. Modular homes generally start at a lower price point than stick built homes, which gives those with lower incomes the opportunity to get a lovely home.  The price per square foot for a modular home ranges from $90-125 per square foot. In contrast, a stick built home ranges from $150-200 per square foot.

Purchasing a modular home is an excellent option if you would like your home to be built and finished quickly, if you want to choose the custom finishes to make the home your own, and if you are looking for a home that is less expensive, but still great quality. For more information on local homes for sale, contact a realtor near you. 

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