Picking Out Homes That Fit Tech Lifestyles

If computers, 3D printing, flying drones, video games, or streaming video are part of your home or business way of living, you need a home and community that can support technology. There are a few things that can't be handled by a quick order from Amazon or eBay, and you can get a lot of repairs done faster if there are local service professionals or parts stores. Here are a few tech-powered home design and amenities details to help you make the right choices when looking for a home.

Home Design Choices For Tech

Stable power, proper ventilation, and efficient cooling are key when it comes to owning precision electronics and managing an tech-powered household. You need to make sure that your tech doesn't overheat, and that random power or internet outages aren't caused by something in the home.

Check the outlet positions. You need to have a mental image of how you want to set up a computer desk, entertainment system, or design station before moving everything in. It's best to figure out if you need to pay extra money and wait for a contractor to perform installations, and you may even be able to have the work done before you move in.

In addition to outlet placement, do you know whether the wiring is in good shape or not? Checking the lights and plugging in appliances to a few outlets is just scratching a surface; if you're close to buying a home that will support computers that may be corrupted by power loss or printing systems that could ruin important projects when the power fails, get an electrician to perform an inspection.

If the home needs a little work first, the task can be completed before you plan on moving in--or at least slated as a known task so you have one less surprise when you move. If the electrical situation means a major overhaul, ask a real estate agent for another similar home. Unless there are no similar choices for an otherwise perfect location, it's not worth the repair headache.

Communications Options Are All About Location

Do you need fast, consistent internet? Are you tired of living in an area where your calls are always dropped? Now is your time to make sure that your communications options are robust and affordable.

The most consistent, fast internet available to most residential customers is wired internet. This can be in the form of cable internet, fiber optic internet, or the somehow still relevant DSL (digital subscriber line) internet system.

These networks are physical cables, from which most other residential internet options are connected. Not all areas have all services, and although some internet service providers (ISPs) lease from other providers, you're mostly dealing with multiple, individual company cables underground or connected to utility poles.

When you have multiple ISPs in your area, you hold more power when it comes to demanding quality service. You have the option to leave, as opposed to being at the mercy of an ISP that enjoys a local monopoly with little motivation to improve.

For cell phone calls and data, you're in a better position as far as being a customer. Many major cellular carriers absorb the cost of sharing or renting traffic from one another, so you only need to figure out if your potential homes are in a decent reception area for your service(s) of choice. Maps such as OpenSignal can help with that.

Contact a real estate agent to discuss home features and local services that can enhance your tech lifestyle.

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