3 Tips For A Faster Home Sale

Selling your home is stressful enough, but listing a home only to have it sit on the market for weeks or months is incredibly frustrating. Every extra day that your home sits on the market is another day of your financial and practical plans being held up, all while dealing with the inconvenience of house showings. Plus, a house that remains unsold for too long can scare off prospective buyers who are leery of stale listings. Here are a few ways to avoid these problems by selling your home as quickly as possible:

Work with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Working with the right real estate agent makes all the difference when you want to sell your home quickly. Your real estate agent should know the local market extremely well and have an established network of professionals, including house stagers, real estate photographers, and marketing assistants to make sure your house is presented as well as possible. They should also be organized and quick to respond to emails and calls, which will help prevent unnecessary delays.

Don't Neglect Staging

How your home is staged makes a huge difference in how buyers respond to it. Your home should be deep cleaned, de-cluttered, and staged by a professional who will make sure it looks as appealing as possible. Clutter, dirty bathrooms, and too many personal effects are distracting to buyers and make it harder for them to picture living in your home.

It can be very challenging to keep your home in showroom condition while living there. You may find it is worthwhile to live in a short-term rental or stay with family when you list your home. Since you are setting yourself up for a quick sale, this situation will be very temporary.

Pay Special Attention to Curb Appeal

No matter how spacious and upgraded your home's interior is, you are less likely to sell it quickly if it offers no curb appeal. First impressions have a strong effect on buyer's emotions, and ideally you want buyers to feel excited about your home from the moment they pull up. Make sure your lawn is green and freshly mowed, your home's exterior is freshly painted if needed, and the yard is free of clutter, dead leaves, and branches. In some cases, it worth paying a landscaping company to spruce up your yard in order to snag a buyer's interest right away. 

Following these tips will help ensure your home sells quickly without having to lower your asking price.  Contact a real estate agent downtown for more help.

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