What You Can Do In The Meantime: Waiting Out A Pest Control Treatment For Rats

Pet rats may be cute, but wild rats are quite a different matter, and you don't want them in your home. It can take a bit for pest control strategies to work on these very smart and savvy rodents, so in the meantime, you need to work on some storage and household issues that could be making your home look more and more attractive to rats. Work on these quickly so that you eliminate attractive issues before the rats have a chance to invade again.

Protect All Food Containers

Got plastic? If so, rats could chew through it. Place food in glass containers or store it in the refrigerator. Until the pest control treatment has gotten rid of all of the rats, assume that they will try to expand and eat your food stores. If you have larger storage containers that are made of plastic and that you can't move, check them frequently for signs of attempted damage. And definitely keep them closed tightly.

Declutter Your House

Rats like to hide. A wild rat that gets inside will likely not want to stay out in the open, so it will seek out papers, books, and even bedding if left in a pile. Now is the time to go room to room, cleaning up and getting rid of what you don't want. The less you have, the smaller the chance you'll have clutter -- and the smaller the chance a rat will try to find refuge in your living room.

Trim Back All Bushes

Just as your home's interior can invite rats in, so too can your bushes and other plants. Anything that provides a cover or provides a bridge to an opening in the wall needs to be cut back. Try to be careful not to destroy the plant, but don't leave a whole tumbled lump of leaves because you think it looks cute. To a rat, it looks like a great leafy stepping stone into your home.

Block Pantry Doors

You may also want to keep rags stuffed under pantry doors until you're sure the rats are gone. Rats can squeeze underneath doors and get into boxes, so keep the spaces under the doors clogged up. That will also help you avoid an unpleasant surprise if you open the pantry after a rat has gotten in.

Rats can be hard to get rid of if you let them be for too long. Call a rat control company, like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc, as soon as you can.

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