5 Tips For Staging The Outdoor Entertainment Space To Sell Your Home Faster

Your outdoor space can add a lot of value when selling your house. But if you're not a real estate expert, how can you know what to do to make these areas appeal to buyers? Here are 5 easy ideas.

Clean the Patio. Staging any outdoor entertainment area usually begins with a clean slate. Remove everything currently occupying the deck or patio. Then, clean it thoroughly. Make any minor fixes you can without spending a fortune. Then, determine piece by piece what will be added back onto the patio. Everything should have a solid reason for being there. 

Coordinate with the House. Good outdoor entertainment zones add useful square footage to the house itself and make the whole area feel larger and more functional. With this in mind, stage your patio or deck to go along with the interior décor of the public areas of the house. If you want to create an outdoor kitchen, for example, using a wood trim or color palette similar to the interior kitchen makes it all feel harmonious and well-planned. 

Add Greenery. Living plants add color and vibrancy to outdoor spaces, and they can help hide flaws in your deck. A boring, concrete patio, for example, is easily brightened up with some hanging flower pots. Or, use large containers filled with colorful flowers, ornamental grasses, or green bushes to give the patio some structure. These bushy decorations should be easily visible as potential buyers exit the house into the entertainment area. 

Include Something Fun. In a tight real estate market, your home must stand out from the crowd. A focal point in your deck or patio can draw buyers' attention and make your house memorable. Try painting a plain concrete patio with a quality outdoor paint. You could create a geometric pattern on the floor or even paint it to look like an area rug. Or, add fun and eclectic lighting—such as a pendant lamp or string lights—instead of a boring overhead flood light.

Make it Year Round. Unless you live in a temperate climate, try to make your outdoor rooms look functional in all weather. Good lighting means buyers can use the space for night entertainment. A sail shade can protect from summer sun. A simple lattice or wall of greenery can shield it from wind and snow. And a retractable awning makes it usable in the rain. Throw in an inexpensive fire pit to show how much they can enjoy evenings outside. 

​Staging your outdoor entertainment areas makes a good impression and helps buyers imagine themselves using the space. It could be what separates you from the other real estate on the market in your area. And it could be what gets your home sold as quickly as possible and for the price you want. 

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