4 Tips For Selecting The Right Listing Agent To Sell Your Home

If you're planning on selling your home in the near future, working with a great residential listing agent can make the process much easier. A good listing agent can help ensure that you sell your home quickly and for a good price. The key is to sign a contract with the right listing agent. Use the following tips to select the best real estate agent to list your home for sale:


When searching for a listing agent, it is important to keep experience in mind. Ideally, you should work with a listing agent who primarily sells homes in your area and completely understands the local market. A listing agent who has years of experience in your local area will know the ins and outs of listing a home for sale and getting it sold.

Listing Price of the Home

Local market conditions dictate what your home is worth and what a buyer is willing to pay for it. It is never a good idea to sign a contract with a listing agent just because he or she suggests the highest listing price for your home. A great listing agent will have an in-depth strategy for pricing a home for sale that will include looking at comparable homes that have recently sold, pending sales in the area, and average listing price for homes for sale. Your listing price can make a huge difference in how quickly your home sells, so it is important to price the house right from the start,

Marketing Plan

One of the hallmarks of a great listing agent is a solid and comprehensive marketing plan. When interviewing listing agents to sell your home, don't be afraid to ask about the marketing plan that an agent uses. Select a listing agent who offers broker previews, open houses, a complete online listing with professional photos and a virtual tour of your home, professional signage for your yard, staging advice, and feedback after viewings. 

Negotiating Skills

When you hire a listing agent to help you sell your house, you need to be able to trust him or her to negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you sell your house for the best price possible. Your agent should be aggressive yet friendly when it comes to negotiations-- avoid listing agents who just want to make a quick sale, as these types of agents are not likely to have your best interests in mind. 

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