Help Your Home Feel Homey

One of the helpful things you can do to get your home sold faster is to make it feel more like the buyer's home. The more comfortable you can make the home feel for those who step inside of it, the more you will be increasing your chances of a viewing leading to an offer. Here are some of the different things that you may want to consider doing:

Hide your packed items

Since you are selling your home, you have more than likely started the packing process. While buyers obviously know to expect this, climbing over boxes and seeing trash bags full of stuff you no longer want isn't a very glamorous or comfortable way to have your home be seen. One of the most convenient ways to pack while keeping the house clean is to rent a storage container that will be kept on your property. This allows you to simply walk each box or bag out to the unit as it is filled.

Stick to earthy color choices throughout the home

No matter how wonderful you think the color bright purple is, there are going to be many people out there who would not appreciate walking in to a bright purple room. In fact, if your decorating or color scheme is so far out of the norm, then you can make it extremely difficult for potential buyers to even imagine themselves in the house. This is true, even though a simple paint job or change of flooring could easily resolve the issue.

Create a spacious area and free up walkways

When a person comes to see your home, they will feel most comfortable if they are able to peruse around the home without stumbling over items and feeling closed in by crowded or small spaces. If you have some rooms that are small in nature, leave the shades open, turn on lights, hang a large mirror, and make sure to not have too many items inside.

Give the viewers plenty of freedom

When the realtor brings people to see the home, it's best for you to make yourself scarce. You may not necessarily need to leave the property, but you want to be out of sight. This will help the buyers feel more at home and leave them feeling like they can talk freely about the home with the realtor. They may not feel as comfortable speaking directly if you are within earshot.

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