Energy-Savings Details To Look For In Your Next Home Purchase

When you buy a house, there are a lot of factors to consider in the type, style, and amenities. A home can bring a myriad of features that will help you in your day-to-day activities and make your life easier and more energy-efficient. Here are some details you can look for in your next home purchase to help save on your energy bills and to help the environment by using less energy.


A home that has a great deal of larger trees growing in its yard has a benefit over homes that do not have mature trees: shade. The shade that the mature trees provide by growing around the home can help keep down summer cooling costs by shading the yard, roof, paved areas, windows, and exterior of your home. When these surfaces are shaded during the heat of a summer day, your air conditioner will work less and your home will stay cooler more naturally.

During winter your mature landscaping trees will lose their leaves to help your home benefit from the sun's solar gain. As the tree's bare branches allow sunlight to shine into your windows, it will help keep your home interior warmer.

As you look for homes to buy, your realtor's home listing database will include details about the type of trees a home has growing within its yard and if they are fruit-bearing trees. Talk to your real estate agent about searching for homes that fit this criteria specifically for a boost to your home's energy-efficiency.

Energy Efficient Roofing

If you are interested in keeping your home cooler in summer, especially when you are looking for a home in a hot, arid, or desert-like climate, you can look at a home with a roof covered in energy efficient shingles or panels. Many homes have been installed with roofing materials coated with a reflective, non-heat absorbing particles and sealants to keep the roof cool by absorbing less of the sun's radiation. This also keeps the surface of the roof cooler and the attic and interior of a home cooler.

You can also look for homes that have been installed with roof solar panels to provide some or all the home's energy, which can help to reduce the home's utility bills. And skylights on a home roof can provide lighting to interior rooms that do not have windows, which prevents your having to turn on lights during the day, which saves on electricity. Talk to your real estate agent about searching for homes that have been installed with cool roofing, solar panels, or skylights.

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