Selling A Home You'd Rather Keep: 6 Ways To Avoid Inadvertently Sabotaging The Sale

Whether you're being forced to sell your home due to economic reasons or you're being transferred by the company you work for to a new location, selling a home you love is hard. It's so hard, in fact, that you might do things subconsciously to actually sabotage the sale. Since the reason(s) you have to sell are important, you need to keep yourself in check and do what it takes to present the home in the best light.

1. Keep All Animals In Check

If would-be buyers are met at the door by a pair of Labradoodles, assaulting them with affection and nearly knocking them over, the prospective visitors are likely to be turned off. Animals that are allowed free reign of a home could be a sign that it's more a giant dog house, with smells and scratches everywhere. Keep your animals in check by either tying them outdoors or keeping them at a friend's house during home showings. Deep down, you might relish the thought of your dogs chasing away the real estate agent so you can keep the home forever, but ultimately you know that's not the right thing to do.

2. Cast Open The Drapes

Natural lighting is a highly coveted feature in any home for sale. If you have any dark, heavy, and/or long drapes, open them up wide or simply take them all down. Each room should be bright and cheery, even if you're not. Move any large pieces of furniture that may be obstructing sunlight and take measures to lighten all major rooms:

  • Cut back on overgrowth outside, such as hanging branches or tall shrubs that block sunlight.
  • Add lighting to any room that is void of windows or that only has windows on a sunless side of the home.
  • Install extra lights where needed, like in dark corners, or add a large mirror to reflect the light, thereby magnifying its effects.
  • Repaint any room that's covered in a dark color, opting for a neutral shade of white, instead.
  • Accent windows with sheer curtains and charming valences.

3. Present The Front Door In Grand Style

Few things are more important to the first impression your home makes than curb appeal. Don't leave trash cans, kid's toys, and old tires in the front yard, as much as you think that would scare people away. To attract serious inquiries, as well as to justify your asking price, create a grand entrance leading up to your beautiful home:

  • Add a new door or paint the one you have to match your shutters and garage door.
  • Create distinctive house numbers to advertise your address with chic style.
  • Install a new mailbox that plays to the character of your home.
  • Fill flower boxes with a rainbow of colorful plants and add them to your front porch or windows.

4. Clear The Gutters Of All Debris

Gutters that don't look like they've been cleared in years may scare away prospective buyers, who are likely to think the situation could lead to leaks and backups. Clean gutters mean a clear path from which rain can flow, keeping the home safer (and drier) during storms. Have your gutters cleaned by a pro or get up on a ladder and clear them yourself, if you're able to.

5. Let The Real Estate Agent Do The Talking

Because you're sentimental about the home, it's better if you talk less. Smile and greet home-buying visitors with grace, but let the agent offer information and answer questions. As professional as you'd like to think you'd be, your true feelings will probably surface, reflecting the woe you have for selling and possibly turning off the prospects.

6. Be Absent For Showings If It's All Too Much For You

Selling your home and moving is a big deal for anyone; however, if you're really emotionally overwhelmed by it all, avoid being in the house when it's being shown. You won't risk any subconscious antics of sabotage, and it will be easier on your soul, since you're so attached to the home. Schedule showing times as often as possible to increase the likelihood of finding the right buyer, but remove yourself from the most painful part of the process.

It's hard to sell a home you love, so don't think your feelings are unusual or at all unwarranted. Hopefully, the new home you find yourself in eventually will be just as lovely and meaningful, making the move and adjustment much easier than you thought. Just be careful not to inadvertently sabotage the process of selling your existing home in the meantime. Contact a real estate agent to learn more about selling real estate.

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