How Many Houses Should You View When Buying A Home?

According to, average people will view 10 homes before choosing the one they want to buy. While this is an average for most people, there are also people who view far more homes than this and those who view far less. So, how many houses should you view when you are buying a home? The answer to this will depend on a lot of different factors, and here are some of them.

The current market conditions

The first factor that may affect the number of houses you view is the current market conditions. There are times in real estate when there are many houses for sale and times when there are few. If you are trying to buy a house during a time when there are few homes for sale, you may only need to look at a couple of houses. On the other hand, during a time when a lot of people are trying to sell their houses, you may want to look at a lot of houses as this type of season tends to offer really good deals on homes for buyers.

The specific traits you want in a house

The second thing that can affect the number of homes you view is the types of features and traits you want in a house. If you are looking for a general three-bedroom ranch home, this will be easy to find. If you are looking for a four-bedroom home that has a certain amount of square feet, a newly renovated kitchen, a large yard, and many other features, you will have to look harder to find this. It is much harder to find a house if it must have 20 specific features than to find a house that has just a couple of important ones.

The speed in which you need to buy one

The other factor to consider is the speed in which you need to buy a house. If you are in a huge hurry, you may want to look at just a few homes and then choose one. If you have time to shop around, you may want to spend more time looking at more homes.

You may find that you need to shop for months before finding the right house, or you might find the right one right away. In either case, you will need to hire a real estate agent for help finding the right house to buy.

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