Custom Home Construction In The Ozarks

Mountain regions are fast becoming places of escape and comfort. What was once dangerous territory that was not fit except for the hardest and toughest of souls is now considered a luxury living destination. Take the Ozarks, for example. People are building immense, two-story ranch homes in areas of cleared forest land, with acres and acres of wilderness around them and views of the mountains in all directions.

Such picturesque scenery is exactly where you may want to build your next dream home. In fact, custom home construction in the Ozarks is completely possible, and very affordable when you consider that land accompanying each parcel on which you build is far less expensive than the same amount of acreage anywhere else. Here is what you can achieve when you dream big:

Hunting Lodge Meets Two-Story Ranch Home

Buy forty or fifty acres, or however many acres you want. Clear one acre in a prime location, and choose to build your home there. The best location is the one in the part of your new property where you can reach an access road in an emergency, but still have beautiful views from any window of your new home. Then choose a custom home that is a mix of rustic and modern comfort. Here in these mountains, the common theme is "hunting lodge meets two-story ranch." Architects work to design the perfect house, and custom home builders will get started as soon as you approve the plans. 

Sprawling One-Story Ranch

This is another popular theme for construction in the Ozarks: building a one-story ranch with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Adding a few extra rooms for comfort and entertainment will make it a very attractive option. Just be aware that when the snowstorms come over the mountaintops in winter, you may be buried in snow. You'll want to have a really good plow, or a really good backup plan. 

Log Cabins

One of the most popular custom-built designs that fits well with mountain views and sunrises over the hills is a log cabin. Even when you are in the heart of a nearby city, the log cabin is still a favored iconic home. When you have several acres of forested land to work with, you can even pull the trees for the cabin from your own property. Talk to the custom home builders to see how you can utilize the trees on your property for this project. Companies like Charvold Homes & Properties can offer more information.

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