How To Increase Your Home's Value Without Even Touching The Home Itself

When you think of ways to improve home value, what comes to mind? Many people will list a bunch of changes they can make to the home's interior, such as adding another bathroom or replacing the counters. While changes such as these will add value to your home, there are other ways to increase the value of your real estate without even touching the home itself! Here's a look.

Get rid of weeds. 

Weeds make a lawn look so much less impressive. They also make your garden beds unattractive. Just by getting rid of weeds, you can make the landscaping look a lot nicer, which will raise the value of your property. Buy a spray bottle of weed killer, and walk around the lawn and gardens spraying each and every weed you find. Do this every three or four days for a couple of weeks so you can catch and kill new weeds as they emerge. Also put a new, thick layer of mulch down in your garden beds; it will prevent new weeds from popping up.

Add some lights.

A few solar lights stuck along any walkways and along the edge of your property can raise the value of your home. They will make your yard a lot safer and more secure at night. People will feel more comfortable spending time out there at night, which makes the home more appealing. Plus, solar lights are seen as an eco-friendly choice because they are charged by sunlight during the day. Eco-friendly features are all the rage these days and definitely add value to the home.

Plant a garden.

If you like gardening, then spend some time planting a vegetable garden in your yard! You cold also just plant an herb garden. Other people enjoy gardening, too, and moving into a home with a pre-established garden is appealing and may convince them to pay more for the property. Take the time to make the garden look nice. Placing it inside a raised bed is a good choice!

Ask your neighbors to tidy up.

Your landscaping looks good... but what about your neighbors' landscaping? If your neighbors' yards are messy, your own home value will go down because people don't really want to live near messy neighbors. Consider having a conversation with your neighbors about tidying up. You can even offer to tidy up the landscaping yourself if you don't think your neighbors will put in the work. 

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