Top 4 Inconveniences Of Being A Landlord

When you own rental property, you are a landlord and being a landlord can be very inconvenient. This is one of the reasons many landlords hire companies for help, and you may want to consider this, too, if you are tired of dealing with the following four top inconveniences landlords experience.

Phone calls 24/7

The first type of inconvenience you might be tired of dealing with is phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are the contact person for your rental properties, your tenants will call you for all kinds of reasons, and these calls can occur at any time of day or night. It is important to answer all the calls you receive, too, as you never know when one of them will be to report an emergency situation of some kind.

Problematic tenants

The second inconvenience of running rental properties is dealing with problematic tenants. Even if you have the best screening techniques around for selecting tenants, you may still end up with a tenant here and there that always seems to be causing problems. For example, you might have a tenant who is always playing loud music late at night. You might also have a tenant that is constantly calling you to report problems that are not really even problems. These are just a few examples of situations that problematic tenants cause, and these are never fun to deal with.

Emergency problems

Handling emergency problems is also very inconvenient as a landlord, yet there will be situations like this that occur, no matter how well you care for your properties. The problem with emergency situations is that they typically need to be addressed immediately. If you receive a call for an emergency, you may have to spend the next hour or so handling the issue.


The other type of inconvenience you will likely experience as a landlord is handling evictions. Evicting a tenant is not easy or fun, and it takes up a lot of time, too. If you are not good at handling this or if you just do not have time to do this, you may want to hire a company to assist you.

If you are short of time, energy, and patience, you could always hire a property management firm to take over some of your responsibilities. By doing this, you will no longer have all these inconveniences to deal with on your own. For more information, reach out to companies like Alternative Real Estate.

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