Having Commercial Quality Aerial Videography Work Done

There can be many situations where you may need commercial quality aerial images or videos. When faced with this need, individuals might assume that they will have to hire a helicopter to take these images. Yet, it can be possible to obtain these images through the use of commercial drone videography services.

Is It Possible for Drones to Take Still Images?

While it is most common for individuals to need drone videography services for providing aerial video, it can also be possible for these services to provide you with still imagery as well. This can be excellent for those that are needing these images for brochures or other publications that may not allow video. If you are needing still imagery, you will have to let the drone service know when you first consult with them as still imagery will require specialized cameras that every drone service may not have.

Should You Be There When The Drone Is Shooting the Video?

There are many types of video work that will greatly benefit from your presence as you can provide input to the videographer that can help them more perfectly capture what you are wanting. However, this is typically not the case when it comes to drone video services. The extreme height at which these videos will be filmed and the large area that they will need to cover will limit your ability to provide input to the service. In fact, your presence may even be counterproductive as it may require the drone service to take special steps to avoid capturing your vehicle or to edit it out after the images have been taken.

Will the Videographer Also Edit the Footage?

As with any other type of video work, there will be a lot of editing that may need to be done to ensure the video is of a high quality and that it is only capturing the desired area. This is extremely important for commercial videos as poor editing can lead to a confusing final product. Whether the video is intended for use with customers, investors or internal planning, this confusion could greatly reduce the overall effectiveness. While drone videography services can capture the video, many of these services may not be able to provide editing services. Rather, you may need to hire a separate editing service for this need. Luckily, the drone service will be able to provide the files and raw footage so that your editing service can quickly get to work.

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There can be many situations where you may need commercial quality aerial images or videos. When faced with this need, individuals might assume that t